This non-profit-making site exists to link the associated Herefordshire composers and their clients. The composers' individual pages explain how to obtain their scores, many of which can be heard and viewed there.

Further Herefordshire composers wanting a place on the site should contact Andrew Morris. He will be in touch with you as soon as possible, with a view to giving you your own page.

As well as appearing on composers' pages, the compositions are brought together in the catalogue. There you can find

  • choral pieces and songs arranged by subject, under such topics as Hereford Cathedral's saints / the monarchy / the beauty of Herefordshire / love / drink / dance..., showing the performers needed and linked to the composers' pages;
  • their full texts alphabetically arranged in a downloadable document, showing sources, composers of settings and performers needed;
  • instrumental pieces arranged by performers needed.


This makes it easy for anyone to find what is of interest, and to assess or procure individual scores, of which many can be printed directly from the composers' pages, free of charge: however, it is hoped that in return you will make an appropriate donation to Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust.

The link with the Perpetual Trust reflects the history of the site.