Creativity list


The creativity list

The conventional wisdom is that creativity and time management, much less task management, are hardly compatible. But there is a way to take the best of both “worlds”-freedom of choice from the world of creativity, and guaranteed results from the world of effective time management.

You don’t have to have a to-do list describing a specific thing to do. Sometimes just articulating in one verb what the nature of the action is is enough. This is useful when the to-do’s are not mandatory, but rather a desire to engage in creativity of various kinds. For example:

  • write
  • programming
  • play
  • study
  • research
  • commentate
  • design
  • stream

What exactly to write, to program, to study can be decided already when you get down to work. This is especially useful when this list of creativity is not your main activity, but rather a way to diversify your leisure time, in the evening after work or on weekends. When you don’t know ahead of time how much time you’ll have, what your energy level will be, and where your inspiration will take you.

What activities are a way for you to express yourself creatively? List them. Perhaps variety is important to you, as it is to me. In that case, it makes sense to list all such activities at least once. Not necessarily all of them will make it onto your actual to-do list. Let this list serve as a template that reminds you of the diversity of your actual creativity, to which you can refer when necessary. And on the list of things to do, move what you have long wanted to do.

By crossing out gradually those ways of creative expression that you have managed to do, you will see where your energy hasn’t found its manifestation for a long time – the list of untouched things will tell you that

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