Music in the casino – how it is selected and what affects

casino music

Today, gambling establishments, both land-based and in the global network, without music is almost impossible to imagine.

Read our article about how and why all the best gambling houses on the planet select music and for what purpose.

Music affects not only the human physiology. Practice shows that music in gambling establishments plays an important role in creating a special atmosphere, for which there go players. Even the very first casinos organized in the south of Italy for gatherings of gamblers always had music. Invited street musicians played simple songs to keep the guests entertained.

Different music in different rooms

Music accompanied every step of a client’s gambling house. Not only in the gaming rooms, but also in the bar, the lounge and even the restrooms. However, it will always be different tunes. There is only one general rule for all soundtracks – they should not attract too much attention from visitors. After all, the main thing the guests should be focused on is the game itself.

In those areas where customers are relaxing from the game – recreation areas, restaurants, bars, lobbies – you can always hear light relaxing music in the style of the lounge. These are instrumental melodies without words, sounding not harsh and soothing. In such places people usually relax, so the music is chosen accordingly.

If you move from these areas to the hall with a slot machine, you can hear a more rhythmic, festive and cheerful music. All this is complemented by bright lights of the slot machines themselves and mischievous sounds of coins falling out. This holiday! In these areas are almost always put the most popular songs from the world track lists, but sometimes the owners make their own playlists, which in their opinion, complete the picture.

The most painstaking selection of music is in those rooms where customers play poker or roulette. Here they always put the songs without words, quiet and smooth. After all, these games require a lot of concentration from the players and nothing should disturb them.

World gambling houses, which are visited by millions of players a year, sometimes do not just choose ready-made compositions, but order to write music for each room individually from the world’s musicians.

Influencing Behavior

However, it is necessary not just to raise the mood of customers, but to keep it in a special way, so that overly cheerful people do not interfere with other visitors. Therefore, some of the tunes are chosen in such a way as to bring the players back into a calm frame of mind.


If you’ve ever visited a slot machine gym, you probably know that the playlist there is looped and plays exclusively in a circle. This is not because the organizers of these games have no imagination. Music played in a circle increases concentration and concentration. If the sound effects change frequently, the opposite effect occurs.

But there is a downside to this strategy. Everyone’s musical tastes are different, and not everyone can like the music they choose.


Have you ever noticed that you remember a certain product solely because of the music in the advertisement? The same principle works with games. If each game is assigned some catchy tune, then every time that tune plays in your head, you will unconsciously remember the game itself.

The same is true for the commercials of the gambling houses themselves. With the right tune, the brand can become recognizable and win the attention of players over competitors.

Player interest

Music can get boring in any case, even if it is the calmest. That is why tracks for global casino brands are chosen by certified psychologists. Compositions are chosen such and in such an order as to sound as unobtrusive as possible and, on the contrary, to reveal the client’s interest in the institution.

Sometimes famous composers are invited to write melodies for the games. One such is Jeri Martin. He has written many tracks for classic games and is considered the most in-demand specialist in this area. He conducted his own research, in which he revealed that the best melodies for games are minimalistic compositions with a light mood and a small set of instruments in the sound. Such tracks keep the interest in the game, but do not bore or distract the gamer.

Being attuned to performing the same type of tasks

No matter how you slice it, almost any casino game is a monotonous performance of the same type of actions. The human brain is designed so that he needs variety. Monotonous activities, even the most interesting, a person can get tired. To prevent boredom in the casino, the owners again use music. Rhythmic instrumental melodies can bring variety to the constant series of bets or presses on the buttons of the machine. Thus, it becomes more fun to play.

Minutes of Silence.

But no matter how good the melody, everyone can get tired of the constant sounds. Such a point taken into account the owners of the top online casinos. On each site with gambling, there is an option that allows you to turn off the music or sound in the game. This allows online gamblers to take a break from the music and start the next game of online poker or roulette with renewed vigor. It is for this option that many gamblers especially appreciate online casinos.

If we’re talking about land-based gambling houses, there the client can’t control the music. But avid gamblers have found a simple solution: many take their own player with headphones or regular earplugs that allow you to switch from the general music background to an individual one.

This solution is used casino patrons in the United States. In our countries so far it is rare to find a person wearing headphones in a casino, but we are confident that soon such a trend will come to us.

Now you know that the music in the casino is not just a random set of tunes, but an important cog in the mechanism of marketing and psychology, which helps to attract customers and make them return to the casino again and again, which certainly benefits the owners. However, the customers are also happy with this mechanism.


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